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Virtual Showdown Mountain Bike and Running Event

Date:October 30, 2020 to November 08, 2020
Event City & StateMesa, AZ
Organized By:Two-wheel Events
Sponsored By:Teds Shooting Range
Online Registration Starts:September 10, 2020 at 12:00am MST
Regular Online Registration Ends:November 08, 2020 at 11:59pm MST

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Event Information

DATES: Ride or Run Anytime between Friday, October 30 & Sunday, November 8th

Are you ready for the Showdown?  Well, we are going virtual this year!  But we still have the same fun 13 mile course and same segment prizes!  We can't put on a race without adding a  few twists.  Riders will be virtually timed on  1 lap (13 miles) and/or 3 laps (38 miles) AND....... we are adding a 5K, 10K, and 20K running races for all of those runners who want to go out and enjoy the beautiful trails at Usery Park.  Here's what you need to know:

- No entry fee! It's donation only.  All proceeds will be donated to Hawes Trail Alliance and the United Food Bank.  We will be purchasing trailhead bicycle repair / work stations to be installed at the trailhead entrances to Hawes trail system. In order to qualify for prizes particiapants must donate. 

- You will need to record your ride or run on your phone or gps device using the Strava App. (download the App for free from your App Store and create a user account)

- In the Strava App join the club 'Showdown at Usery Pass' so that we can see your results.

- Event activities must be recorded on Strava between Friday, October 30th and Sunday, November 8th.  YOU MUST UPLOAD YOUR RIDE/RUN WITHIN 24 HOURS of your activity.

- Riders and Runners can run the courses as many times as they would like with in the event dates. Your fastest time will be counted for your chance to win.

- All Routes start at the Horse Staging area in Usery Mountain Regional Park

- Ride any bike, any tire size except E-bikes. 

- Park Entry Fee - $7 per car or $2 at trail head pay stations.

- All donations over $50 will get an event T-shirt (MTB racers)or a Headsweats visor (Runners);
Any Donation over $150 will receive a $20 discount on the 2021 Showdown event (November 6, 2021) plus a T-shirt or visor depending upon your discipline.


- $100 Cash prizes for the quickest male and female on the following segments:
MTB - Cat Peaks up and down -
MTB - Levee Trail Drag -
MTB - County line Grind -


1 Lap (13 miles)

3 Lap (38 miles) map coming soon - Three loops of the 13 mile course except the 2nd lap take the Cat Peak bi-pass instead of the normal Cat Peaks

NEW Enduro/Downhill  Course - 1.4 miles long Here's the segment:

TRAIL RUN COURSES: (know the courses, or they won't count!)

5k Run -
10k Run -  
20k Run

Awards Ceremony and Free SWAG pick up will be held at Two-wheel Jones Bicycle on Saturday November 21st, at 10:00 am. 

 05:00AMFun-MTB Enduro Women 0+ 1 Laps$00
 05:00AMFun-MTB Enduro Men 0+ 1 Laps$00
 05:00AMFun-MTB Juniors Men 0-15 1 Laps$00
 05:01AMFun-MTB Juniors Women 0-15 1 Laps$00
 05:02AMFun-MTB Solo Men 16-44 1 Laps$00
 05:03AMFun-MTB Solo Women 16-44 1 Laps$00
 05:04AMFun-MTB Solo Men 45+ 1 Laps$00
 05:05AMFun-MTB Solo Women 45+ 1 Laps$00
 05:10AMFun-MTB Juniors Men 0-15 3 Laps$00
 05:11AMFun-MTB Juniors Women 0-15 3 Laps$00
 05:12AMFun-MTB Solo Men 16-44 3 Laps$00
 05:13AMFun-MTB Solo Women 16-44 3 Laps$00
 05:14AMFun-MTB Solo Men 45+ 3 Laps$00
 05:15AMFun-MTB Solo Women 45+ 3 Laps$00
 05:20AMFun-Running Men 0-15 5 Km$00
 05:21AMFun-Running Women 0-15 5 Km$00
 05:22AMFun-Running Men 16-44 5 Km$00
 05:23AMFun-Running Women 16-44 5 Km$00
 05:24AMFun-Running Men 45+ 5 Km$00
 05:25AMFun-Running Women 45+ 5 Km$00
 05:26AMFun-Running Men 0-15 10 Km$00
 05:27AMFun-Running Women 0-15 10 Km$00
 05:28AMFun-Running Men 16-44 10 Km$00
 05:29AMFun-Running Women 16-44 10 Km$00
 05:30AMFun-Running Men 45+ 10 Km$00
 05:31AMFun-Running Women 45+ 10 Km$00
 05:32AMFun-Running Men 0-15 20 Km$00
 05:33AMFun-Running Women 0-15 20 Km$00
 05:34AMFun-Running Men 16-44 20 Km$00
 05:35AMFun-Running Women 16-44 20 Km$00
 05:36AMFun-Running Men 45+ 20 Km$00
 05:37AMFun-Running Women 45+ 20 Km$00

Additional Event Information

Refund Policy: no refunds for this event. The money given is a donation to non-for-profits. Thus, your money will go to the community.



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Las Vegas, Nevada 89145

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