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Pedal Paddle Pilsner

Date:May 19, 2019
Event City & StateMESA, AZ
Organized By:NoSnow SUP TwoWheel Jones Bicycles
Sponsored By:Travis Jones & Court Fetter
Online Registration Starts:April 08, 2019 at 09:00am MST
Regular Online Registration Ends:May 18, 2019 at 10:00am MST

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Event Information

The amount requested is NOT an entry fee but a donation to support the costs assocaited with the breakfast party :-)

Format has changed for this year's community gathering so take note of the new loops and start times, there is only one start and one finish this year with a fluid transition at Granite Basin.

Drop paddle gear at Granite Reef FIRST (if you rented a paddleboard it pick it up the day/night before to take to transition as they will NOT be transported this year).

Drop vehicles off at NoSnow parking lot 515am and PEDAL over to the start at Two Wheel Jones (if you rented a bike pick it up the night before)

All bikes leave from Two Wheel Jones 6am, you will all end at Granite Reef and make your own transition onto the water, there is no official bike/paddle time this year, it will be combined time finish at the shoreline.  Each class will be adjusted accordingly for staggered start.  There will be an opportunity to BUY a headstart so stay tuned for that!

Mountain Bike Loop (starts at TwoWheelJones and will end at Granite Reef). 9.1 miles

 Road Bike Loop (starts at TwoWheelJones and will end at Granite Reef). 22 miles 

Cruiser Bike Loop  (starts at TwoWheelJones and will end at Granite Reef) 13 miles

The weather last year was amazing, we got lucky for sure...this year we expect this format to move quicker to combat the heat.

What about food?  Alex from JerseyBoyPizza truck will be providing woodfire pizza to all registered participants!

Cool Hats for the first 50 registered!

Awesome Logo'd Pilsner glasses for top 3 in each category

 06:00AMFun-Duathlon Klunker M+W 0+ 13 Miles$3040
 06:00AMFun-Duathlon Mountain Bikes M+W 0+ 9.1 Miles$3040
 06:00AMFun-Duathlon Road Bikes M+W 0+ 22 Miles$3040

Additional Event Information

This is a donation based grassroots gathering of the community.  Everyone needs to help when and where they can.  YOU are responsible entirely for yourself!  Safety first.  Be cautious, watch traffic, pedestrians, other bikers.  Be courteous!  There are no princes or princesses today, just a friendly happy enthusiastic group getting together doing things they love to do outside.  It’s gonna be HOT out, bring hydration, bring snacks, bring meds, bring patience, bring all the things you need to be self supported and have a successful day.  Most important-- bring smiles, bring high fives, knuckles, butt slapping good games, thank a volunteer because we just realized there is A LOT of them and this would not happen if we all didn’t support each other!  Now, let’s Pedal, Paddle and Pilsner!!!!!!!!

Travis, Trish, Court & Heather 

Questions? call Court 480-220-5379 or Travis 602-370-7065



700 Anatolia Ln
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145

+1-480-409-4753 (7 AM - 9 PM NV Time)

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